Program Benefits:

The IHUWASH Accelerator works with the city governments of Faridabad, Mysuru and Udaipur to identify and support high impact market-based WASH innovations for India’s pressing urban WASH problems. The program over a 7 to 12 month period will help the selected innovations to get focused support from city governments, private sector companies, experts and impact investors.

The program offers the following benefits to the selected WASH innovations:

  • Unique opportunities to work with city governments and other WASH innovations
  • Get custom support from government officials, sector experts and investors
  • Showcase your innovation through a high visibility nation-wide program
  • Support to raise funds from companies and impact investors
  • Opportunities to roll out small-scale experiments and pilots


Selection Criteria

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Unique Innovation

offers a differentiated product, service or business model


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Solves Identified WASH Problem

solves a pressing urban WASH problem



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Through a Market-Based Model

clear path to sustainable revenues and growth



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That is Replicable and Scalable

model can scale through governments


Apply Now

Questions? Write to us at (or) call us on +91 8374 321 885


    Program Timelines

    1. Applying to the Program – The application deadline has now been extended to 5th Feb 2018.
      WASH Innovators are encouraged to apply for the program online. The application deadline closes by 23:59 IST on 22nd Jan 2018.
    2. Shortlisting Process – Announcements by 2nd Feb 2018
      The submitted applications will go through two rounds of selections. In the first round, all applications will be evaluated for completeness and relevance to the program. In the second round, an external jury made of government officials, experts and investors will evaluate the shortlisted applications on each of the program’s 4 selection criteria.
    3. WASH Innovator’s Bootcamp – by 12th Feb 2018
      The 12 to 20 shortlisted WASH innovations would be announced by 10th Feb 2018 (early applicants would receive communication by 20th Jan). Key leaders from each of the shortlisted WASH innovations would be invited to prepare and present at the Showcase event in mid-Feb 2018 through an innovator’s Bootcamp.
    4. The Showcase Event – 16th Feb:
      In this decisive event, leaders of the shortlisted WASH innovations would have an opportunity to present their innovations to an expert panel. The leaders would also have exclusive access to connect and network with key government officials, business leaders, investors, experts and media channels. The final selected WASH innovations would be announced at the end of the event.
    5. Program Support – March onwards:
      The program support starts by first identifying possible areas of collaboration with the selected city government. This phase of support will begin from March 2018.


    The IHUWASH Accelerator is specifically designed to scale help market-based innovations solving a water, sanitation or hygiene (WASH) problem for urban India. You can apply to this program as long as your innovation solves one or more of the identified urban WASH problems through a market-based model that earns some form of revenue.

    Also, innovations that have the potential to work effectively in partnership with government bodies and resources will receive maximum priority.

    The IHUWASH Accelerator program will help the selected innovations to work directly with key government officials of the Faridabad, Mysuru and Udaipur city governments to experiment with small-scale trials and pilots. Demonstrated success of these trials/ pilots would have a better opportunity to convert them into longer term government partnerships. The program also connects leaders of the selected WASH innovations to business and WASH sector experts as part of the program’s mentoring support. In addition to this, the program will help selected innovations raise the requires funds/ resources from private sector companies and impact investors that have a clear WASH mandate.

    We hear you clearly. We completely understand that as a growing start-up already pressed for time and resources – you need to be clear whether a program can add significant value or not. Firstly, this program is designed to provide custom support that each of the selected innovations would need – depending on its business model, type of innovation, complexity of operations and stage of growth. In other words the program’s support will be designed to fit what your innovation needs to scale. Secondly, the program is designed to support WASH innovations across the entire value chain. This means that this program is arguably your best source of connecting and working with city government officials, impact investors, business leaders and sector experts that want to further the WASH ecosystem in India.

    Yes, as long as your innovation solves a WASH problem for urban India through a market based approach. We equally encourage both non-profits and for-profits to apply. However, it is mandatory for all applications to be legally registered in India.

    No, we need all applicants to have registered legal entities operational in India. However you can jointly apply to this program along with an implementation partner who has a registered legal entity in India. Please mention this in your application if you are jointly applying with an implementation partner.

    Yes, you may apply. We actively encourage applications that have already raised investments or received incubation support to apply (especially for the growth track applicants). However, in your application you will need to justify why our program can help you scale in addition to the investments and support you have received already.