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Application Instructions : 
  1. This is an application form for the IHUWASH Accelerator program. Each application form is designed to answer questions about a single WASH innovation only.
  2. In case you are working with more than one WASH innovation, you are encouraged to fill one application form for each WASH innovation you want to apply for.
  3. Please answer all questions directly to-the-point. Aim to answer each question in the most complete and shortest possible manner. All questions in this form are mandatory. It should approximately take anywhere between 2 to 3 hours to fill this form thoroughly.
  4. To start applying, you must first register with your email address. Once done, you will automatically receive an email from the IHUWASH team with your first time login details.
  5. You would be able to change your password and save it to your browser after you login for the first time. The website will automatically log you in from the next time onwards.
  6. Please directly enter your answers into the online form and use the save draft option at the bottom of the form to save your progress. Word count is applied automatically. You could also download the application form to complete them offline. However you would need to come back online and copy-paste your answers in the respective fields.
  7. Please note that the application deadline has now been extended to 5th Feb 2018.. Your applications must be submitted before this time to be considered valid.



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