The Opportunity:

The IHUWASH Accelerator is a unique nation-wide program that brings together market-based WASH innovations, city governments, private sector companies and experts to solve some of urban India’s most pressing water, sanitation and hygiene problems.

  • WASH innovations:  An opportunity for WASH innovations to identify collaboration opportunities with city governments, private sector companies, experts and investors that never existed before and to access resources from them.
  • City Governments: An opportunity for local city governments to adopt new, innovative and affordable market-based WASH models. It also provides the city governments an opportunity to leverage their knowledge, resources and infrastructure to significantly improve access to essential WASH services for the currently underserved population segments.
  • Private Sector Companies: An opportunity for India’s leading private sector companies to participate in furthering India’s WASH ecosystem by investing a portion of their CSR funds (under schedule VII of the Indian government’s Companies Act, 2013) in a 100% legally complaint manner to finance, support and mentor some of India’s best WASH innovations.
  • Experts & Mentors: An opportunity for investors, business innovation experts and subject matter experts to mentor some of India’s best WASH innovations and to demonstrate their thought leadership through a high impact, nation-wide program.

Want to talk about becoming a corporate partner (or) expert partner with the IHUWASH Accelerator?

Write to us at (or) call us on +91 8374 321 885


As a unique nation-wide program to further WASH innovations for urban India, IHUWASH receives a great deal of visibility through events and media coverage. All partner logos would be present in program related communications. In addition to this, from time to time senior leaders from the corporate partner organizations would be invited to demonstrate their thought leadership in high visibility events and media interviews.

As a mentor, you are expected to act in the best interests of the innovator you are mentoring. This includes (but not limited to) agreeing to keep information confidential, to inspire the innovator to push limitations, act in an unbiased manner and provide constructive feedback at all possible times. In terms of time commitments a mentor will need to commit 2 to 8 hours a month through for about 3 to 12 months.

Under any circumstance where either the innovator or the mentor continues to believe that mentoring engagement is unproductive and not useful – they may escalate the situation to the IHUWASH team. After a detailed review and with consent from both parties the mentoring engagement will be duly terminated.

We are looking for private sector companies, experienced business leaders and subject matter experts with a deep interest to further WASH innovations for urban India to partner with us. Please Write to us at (or) call us on +91 8374 321 885. We will help you with all the details to register as a corporate (or) expert partner for the IHUWASH Accelerator.

Based on the partner’s defined area of interest and expertise – the IHUWASH team will match these with the selected WASH innovators and their needs. Based on this assessment the initial partner – WASH innovation matchmaking will be made. Any course corrections (if needed) can be brought to the attention of the IHUWASH team.

Under Schedule VII of the Indian Government’s Companies Act, 2013 private sector companies can now legally include social business projects in their corporate social responsibility (CSR) policies and thereby invest in them through any of the DST approved incubators. As GINSERV, the acceleration partner for the IHUWASH Accelerator program is a DST approved incubation center, private sector companies can invest a portion of their CSR commitments in the selected WASH innovations through this program. The program will also provide the companies with quarterly audit reports and other necessary CSR policy compliance measures.

The internal IHUWASH team will take all possible steps to ensure a productive mentoring engagement ensues. However if either party continues to believe that the mentoring engagement is not working well for them – due steps will be taken to either improve or terminate the engagement.

Both innovators as well as mentors are expected to fill out a brief monthly mentor engagement report. The IHUWASH team will work with both parties to ensure and track progress on pre-defined outcomes committed by each party. In addition to this there will also be a quarterly Mentor Engagement Meeting where additional discussions and course corrections can happen under a structured environment.

As the program’s esteemed corporate partner, your organization will be able to choose from a range of options to work with the selected WASH innovations. These options can include one-on-one mentoring, employee engagement programs, joint-fundraising activities,